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Student Starpack Competition


Redesigning the single-use plastic LEGO Minifigures packaging in 100% corrugated cardboard. Creating packaging that extends play and contributes to childhood cognitive development.

Packaging Design

Visual Communication

User Testing

Iterative Prototyping


Conducting primary research to better understand childhood development and manufacturing techniques. Concept generation.

Testing pop-up mechanisms in corrugated cardboard.

Pop-up concepts ruled out as the material properties are unsuitable for the application. Move towards diorama solution.

Final design visualisations showing an exploded view of the main refill packs. Considerations to tertiary packaging and shelf displays are shown.

Main Pack

Refill Pack


Final stylised product photography showcasing the product in use. Main pack can be personalised with colouring-in and refill scene components and stickers, creating a versatile play scene.

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