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Herman Miller


Use human-centred design research methods to identify challenges faced within learning spaced. Iteratively prototyping to understand and address the issue with a focus on neurodiverse users.

Human-Centred Process

Inclusive Design

User Research and Testing

Graphic Design and Layout

Do you feel productive in your workspace?

"No, distractions around me stop me from being productive."

Identifying the users ADHD diagnosis and their tendency to get distracted in shared spaces. Beginning to design physical products that can help improve focus and reduce distraction.

Move towards a more conceptual solution. Developing a book that will have information about the user and their individual needs. Designing the layout, visual graphic elements and written content.

Final book held by intended user. Containing information about herself and her working habits to share with her peers, so that they understand how to best support her. Book to be displayed on the user's desk.

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