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Design and make a birdhouse or feeder for low volume batch production. The product will be sold to a live consumer at an existing commercial market.

Design for Disassembly

Batch Production

Rapid Prototyping

Packaging Considerations

"50% of the RSPB's top ten garden birds are ground feeders"

Exploring a range of brief responses including bird boxes, bird feeders and bird baths. Settling on the ground feeder and pitching as a concept founded in research.

Leading a team to manufacture the products, utilising a range of batch production techniques. Digital manufacture processes and templates were used to ensure product quality.

Using CAD software Rhino to visualise the product with the final materials and finishes. Top down view, perspective view and exploded view renders.

Assembling the product

Final Floor Feeder made from hand turned oak bowls, acrylic plates and plywood slats. Sustainably designed for disassembly and small scale batch production.

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