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Self Defined Project


Create a tea sharing experience designed to encourage mindfulness within daily routines, allowing connection with others over simple shared experiences.

User-Centred Approach

Mould Making

Materials and Processes

Packaging Considerations


Initial sketching showing a range of vessels, pourers and cups. Experimenting with tessellating forms to create connection between individual cups.

Finalising the design after discussion and feedback from the intended users. Creating a refined sketch demonstrating how the tea pourer is 'shared from the same pot'.

Wood turning process

Creating the centrepiece. Using templates to turn plaster originals on the lathe, creating three-part plaster moulds, slip casting in porcelain and creating the channels before glazing.

A demonstration of how the water flows through the centrepiece and down into the individual cups. A celebration of materials, processes and the 'handmade' - encouraging connection between users and objects.

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